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Johnny and Pals Chapter Two
Warnings: Alternate Universe ahead! Mucho ZADR in this one! Don't like, don't read, and don't flame! Oh, and some swearing. This one is very yaoi. Nothing much plot-like happens, just hot boy-on-boyness. Cuz we all need more of that.
Rating: Hmm.. This chapter gets a PG-13!
Summary: (I'm just stealing Neo/Kitteh's format left and right, no?) Kay, well, all the characters Jhonen Vasquez (a.k.a. "God") has ever created go to his home to attack him!! For some unknown reason... that I will write!! Be happy you get a Chapter Two!! Be happy, damn it! (Read Chapter One first. Cuz I like to pimp myself and you'll be utterly confused otherwise!)
(Very end of Chapter One here)
The invader's own eyes widened at the pitiful but amusing human, then fell as his self-satisfied smile widened into a twisted and demented grin. He began to laugh as the Creator began to twitch and moan, letting out occasional shrieks.
Dib's face had lit up and he too was oohing and ahhing with inte
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Johnny and Pals
Johnny sat tensely, his hands jittering on his knees as he fought to keep Mr. Eff and Nailbunny from killing each other, and him in the process. And Nailbunny was usually such a pacifist! It must be this trip; how had Devi ever convinced him to go? Oh, yeah... now he remembered. He shot a sheepish glance her way, but did not find her eyes.
Said notorious mercenary was busy speaking to a somewhat younger man with glasses who had a huge head. I mean, seriously, how could he even hold that thing up? Nny asked himself, looking over the scene. There seemed to be a poorly disguised alien behind the big-headed youth, glaring jealously back over his shoulder at the bespecacled teen from time to time. Nny whistled under his breath. Whoo-wee! There were some weird characters on the bus today! Johnny nodded his head to that comment, nodding to nobody. Nailbunny, his homicidal conscience, and Mr. Eff all resided in his head.
Another big-headed prodigy of Jhonen Vasquez's was also rid
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Aqualad for BlueCrystalBlue by Ravestart Aqualad for BlueCrystalBlue :iconravestart:Ravestart 3 15
Emmeline Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Emmeline woke with a teeth-grinding headache; one like nothing she had ever experienced on Earth. She reasoned that this was not Earth because she had just survived a 2000-foot drop from a sheer bluff, with no grappling equipment, and had subsequently landed on a bird large enough to support  all her weight.
The first words out of her mouth must have been more swears, because the figure she could barely make out across the cave jumped, and it swore in something her delirious mind recognized as Assyrian. Some liquid sloshed over his clothes and she giggled. "Pretty uncoordinated, ain't chu, Willy?" she asked, just as drunkenly as Mirth would have expected.
As he strode over to his bed on which she lay, he shook his head. He suddenly reached over and dragged her hair back to get access to her mouth. He then proceeded to pour some of the previously sloshed liquid down her throat. (It was tea, incidentally.) That shut her up, finally. Although, ho
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Emmeline Chapter 1
Author's note: The main character's name is constantly changed back between Emmeline and Emmy in the following document. This is intentional, and is used to indicate a flashback, a time when she feels childish emotions, eg, fear, or when another character wants to piss her off with a little-kid nickname. All swears have been partially interrupted with asterisks for your reading pleasure.
Emmeline knelt over the dragon scale one last time. At 15, the girl had far outgrown the world beyond her own, here in suburban Arizona. That world was for little kids, accessed by a little rhyme, a little magic, and a little dragon scale. Emmeline knew the scale was real- she had seen hundreds like it in the world itself - on real dragons. Problem was, she was embarrassed to have her little secret.
When people of her age think "dragons," they normally think of a creature large and imposing, with four heavily muscled limbs, and two bat's wings extending from the shoulder
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Purple Sailor Hat by Ravestart Purple Sailor Hat :iconravestart:Ravestart 0 2
Edward with Scissorhands
Clear your eyes, listen to your heart, soon you shall find it. It is everywhere at once, woven within the fabric of the lives all will lead. Find you, it will, in a moment of absolute peace.
Knock, Knock, Knock!! The sudden noise startled Edward, who was in the middle of another stint of clipping piccys from the pile of free magazines littering the floor of his bedside. The ever-young demi-robot tensed lightly and let the papers slide from his metal fingers. They splayed out over the floor and Edward trampled over them as he crept hunchbacked to the shadowed corner of the room. Here the cripple crouched, listening and listening, for the sounds of approaching footsteps clicking on the floorboards, up the stairs, and over the near-rotten wood to inspect the hole in the roof. That was what they all did.
But this one did not. A presence swept into the room, bearing no sound at all. It felt cold, and yet warm, as though a spirit had been recently soaking in something boiling hot. As he reme
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My id. by Ravestart My id. :iconravestart:Ravestart 0 0


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to map sunrises...
one day I will tell my daughter to touch herself
before she ever lets a man do it for her, to learn
her body-secrets and the shape of pleasure. I will
tell her that San Francisco always keeps your heart.
that her skin is a blank canvas, that hair grows,
the value of the right kind of disrespect. that the older
we get, the more we need the people who knew us
when we were young. I will tell my daughter
to give away the secrets that keep her up at night,
and that there is never a wrong time to love someone,
but sometimes a wrong way. I will teach my daughter
to travel without makeup; that sometimes forever means
morning and sometimes the ends of the earth means
Africa or one city over. that it's okay to be afraid of
I will tell my daughter that life is teetering across
the bridge, that the panic building in her chest is okay;
that good love is waiting on the other side; that better
love is holding her hand; and that the best love is her own
voice in the back of her mind, saying "
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Give me all the meat...
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: The Chicago Underground
Favourite genre of music: Heavy metal, gothic, techno, harps, bagpipes, Russian, rap, sungi horns.
Favourite style of art: Dark. Fantasy. Japanese-Korean style pr0nz, plz.
Operating System: Windows XP. xp
MP3 player of choice: Mah oldskool CD player. Cos I'm too cheap for an MP3.
Shell of choice: Soundproof, bulletproof, fireproof.
Skin of choice: Monochromatic
Favourite cartoon character: I am a freakin' cartoon junkie. I love them all.
Personal Quote: It has been discovered that refrigerators were invented because of a universal need for cold cheese.
I'm working on finding scholarships for college, due to the very depleted funding my family has after the 2008 Epic Clusterfuck of Doom.

As you can no doubt imagine, it's been quite a while since I've been on here. Honestly, I've moved on. You can keep faving my colored stuff if you wish, but I've left the ZADR fandom, sooooo.... no updates on that front should be expected.

Come to… if you want to read more of my rantinks! Next in line for writing treatment is why I got into the Wonka/Charlie fandom waaaay back when the 2005 movie came out. i think I've figured out the reason now. Of course, I won't be updating there very much either.

I mostly lurk on the STXI anon kink meme, or over at ksarchive. My mother has a tumblr account (madladyrandom), and my 12-year-old autistic sister has started writing fanfiction for WALL-E, containing a Mary Sue OC who redeems some of her inherent lost dignity by being a perfect owl-android-replica instead of an OMG-LOST-4-ALL-TIME-WALL-ETTE-UNIT-THAT-SHALL-STEAL-WALL-E-S-HEART-OMMGGGGG. As you can tell, I hate Mary Sues. Even robot ones. ;)

TL;DR, am going Devart bankrupt, keep faving stuff if you like, I won't be updating, and my current fandom is Star Trek's Kirk/Spock. Back to slash's roots. (sip, ahhhh) Luv u guiis!!
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  • Reading: David Brin
  • Watching: the Watchmen
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